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We take a holistic approach to procurement, offering procurement technology, procurement outsourcing, and strategic sourcing, to assist its consumer products & services clients develop stronger procurement infrastructure while realizing significant savings.

The challenge for consumer goods manufacturers now goes far beyond the high price pressure in commerce. Particularly the complexity rises significantly, for instance through the increased variety of items such as apparel, clothing, footwear, accessories, bags, etc. , lower release and contract quantities and more re-launches. Additionally, requirements placed on products have increased, ranging from various sustainability efforts to new to know, stricter legal framework conditions. Thus, purchasing staff is increasingly lacking time to dedicate themselves to strategic tasks. Based on their years of expertise in the sector, GSPM consumer goods team can work with you to sustainable uncover hidden potential for return, for instance in raw materials and raw markets, logistics, packaging and indirect costs, to enhance your company’s result.

A rising stringent regulatory environment, growing commodity costs, and continuously-shifting consumer preferences continue to impact the consumer goods supply chain industry vitally. The rise of technology and new digital age have further influenced the dynamic relationship between the consumer and business.  understands the challenges its consumers face and helps them develop strategies and solutions geared towards overcoming these difficulties

we use our experience and enormous knowledge to become an integral part of our customers’ team and our unique state of art is to provide:

    • Global Sourcing services

    • Forward Sourcing

    • Technological advancement

    • Volume bundling

    • Process Innovation

    • Providing strategy

    • Industry expertise

    • Stakeholders orientation

    • Providing expertise and resources to implement breakthrough solutions

    • Optimising value chain

    • Streamlining internal processes

    • Improving operations management and strategy

    • Reducing cost and increasing saving

    • Improving the quality of products and services

    • Services across multiple industry sectors: Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Automotive, Insurance & Financial services, Healthcare, Heavy Equipment, and the Public Sector

    GSPM Group Global Sourcing procurement consultants provide a wide range Procurement consulting services, this results in a revolution which transforms your business and differentiates you from your competition.

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  • The goal here is to achieve an optimum quality product and service at ...

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  • The goal here is to achieve an optimum quality product and service at ...

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Dear managers,

  - How are you?


Glad to know you want to Trade In/from Thailand.

 We can assist you finish order , supervise process safely as your purchase/service agent.


  1)All process service fee: Total 100-300usd ranging

    by order quantity and factory location distance to confirm. 


2)One service need only,mostly service items as following:

   1.SUPPLY NEW FACTORY: 30-80usd/order (help to reach order finally)

   2.RELIABILITY VERIFY: 80usd/order (sellers which buyer have related)

     (3-6 need confirm extra fee according to trip distance)


  4.LOADING CONTAINER SUPERVISION:   1000-250usd/order

  5.ACCOMPANY VISITING FACTORY: 50usd/day(with buyer)

  6.BRANCH OFFICE AGENT:1000-3000usd/year

   7.BUYER'S PRODUCT AGENT: 100-150usd/product(help sale to Thailand/worldwide)


   With our aid,save your visit time,energy and more than 1000usd'trip cost every time and assist your long time deal with sellers no worry on deposit, bad quality or false goods.


  Pls keep our information for future need


   Best regards



  General Manager

  G.S.P.M Thailand